The Hardest Question to Answer

“It’s not like I’m giving up who I am for you, but with someone like you, it’s just so easy to do.” -Your Anything, Taylor Swift

I’ve decided to try and post on the same day every week, which will be saturday, so hopefully this helps in gaining more followers and readers, i’d love to get the word out to more people and don’t forget the twitter account for this, @beateeninlove !

Ok now that that boring stuff is said, time for what I wanted to say. This week I’ve been reading a ton of those “how to know if someone likes you articles” on magazine websites. Like, a lot. Like, for three hours just last night… Here are the top three signs I’ve learned to look for to see if somebody likes you:

1) If they like you then they will try to initiate contact with you and talk to you whenever possible. This includes asking a lot of questions, making jokes, and actually listening when you talk.

2) EYE CONTACT. This is a big one. If a guy/girl likes you, they will look right at you when you’re talking. Guys are especially known to keep looking at the girl they like, so if you see that guy staring at you all the time then there’s a good chance that he probably likes you. Also, eye contact is the perfect way to tell the person you’re interested too without having to say anything.

3) Body language. If someone likes you they tend to face you, feet in your direction, leaning into you, actions like that. I mean if you like someone don’t you want to be as close to them as possible?

That’s what I learned. And I find most of it to be really true, I find myself doing a lot of those things when I like someone. A good amount of it just happens naturally. I’d love to hear what you guys think about this, think it’s true? Not true? Confused about if someone likes you? Leave a comment or email me! ( 🙂


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