One Mood or Another

“4 will not wait for 3, for 3 never waited for 2, and though you will not wait for me, I’ll wait for you” Patient Love: Passenger

With all the days I’ve had off of school because of this Nemo blizzard I’ve had a lot of time to think. And I’m annoyed. There’s this one kid who I’ve either really liked or have been really annoyed with practically my whole life. He liked me for years in elementary school, which frankly is just bad timing. I couldn’t do anything about it back then, I was like 10 by the end of elementary school. And now it’s rare a week goes by that I don’t wish he waited like four more years until we were in high school, 8th grade even, where we could actually act upon it. We have classes together now, and last year and I swear nearly every single thing he says to me he’s making fun of me most the time. But it’s never mean, it’s usually funny so I know he’s just playing.

A couple of weeks ago he started acting differently, more attentive, more interested, and when we were both at a party we hung out all night. (yeah this is the kid that asked my friend to dance though…) After the party I had a couple other friends tell me they thought he would’ve asked me, and one asked if he liked me. I said I didn’t know and did she think so? She said that after the way she saw him acting at the party she thought so. It was a really really good couple of weeks and I felt like something could actually maybe happen.

That’s over now. We’re in a new class and it’s back to those sarcastic “I’m going to act like this is annoying me” comments. And Make up your mind. You either like me or you don’t. But I’m tired of this back and forth. It’s still nothing mean and I still know he’s just playing with me, cool, I can take it, but it’s annoying. And then some days it’ll be really good and we’ll have some good moments. I just wish he would pick one or the other. My parents, my dad really, always joke about how we’ll be together and say he only treats me like that because he actually really likes me. I just wish he would pick one attitudes me or the other. If any guys are reading this can you PLEASE try to explain this behavior to me. Please. I would really appreciate it.


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This Magic Moment

“Put your lips close to mine, as long as they don’t, touch.” Treacherous: Taylor Swift

Have you ever had one of those ‘catch your breath’ (cheesy I know) moments? Well I’m dedicating this post to them. The moments where someone is so close and without realizing it you’re really enjoying the moment and thinking, “hey I could get used to this”. I just had one of those. And I keep thinking about it. Yeah.

I was in class the other day and didn’t know what I was doing on my computer so B got up from his and came over and leaned right down over my shoulder and was so close. This is the second time too that this has happened. It was one of those moments that made me feel everything I just said above. Which almost stinks because I was trying to not care as much and just let things roll and here he goes doing something like that making me pretty much like him again. It never fails.

This happened a couple of days ago and here I am still replaying the whole thing in my head. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does things like this. But even if I am, it’s going to keep happening. Because I keep doing it. A lot. 

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