The Book of Single

“Darling, who needs love? Who needs a heaven, up above? Who needs the disappointment of a telephone call? Not I.” Who Needs Love: Razorlight

Midterms are over. Finally. Phew. So that now means that the new semester is starting tomorrow and I’m really excited. We start our new electives tomorrow and I’m in a class called Graphics and it’s pretty much designing stuff on the computer, which I love, so I’m really excited. Plus B and my other friend are both in it so it should be a fun class. I’m looking forward to getting back on schedule and seeing everyone like normal after the past week or so has been a weird midterm schedule. But tomorrow I also get the midterms back so…kinda nervous.

Anyways, Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks away (actually according to a tweet I just saw 16 days), and you know what my friend and I realized? Our school does nothing for it. Like you read books and people are buying flowers and candy for their friends and they’re delivered during school and it seems really fun, and I really want to do something like that! I’m going to suggest something like that…

Also, I started reading this book today, (The Book of Luke by Jenny O’Connell, it’s SO good you guys should read it) and there was a Valentine’s Day themed dance, which may sound lame, but like I said, our school does nothing, I think that’d be fun. My sister even organized one at her middle school…so in the book the girls are seniors and they’re talking about how the freshmen and sophomores are all eager and excited for the dance even though it’s kinda lame. So then I was thinking ‘hey I’m a sophomore…’ and then laughed because yeah, I would get excited for a dance like that. Oh well.

So wow this was all pretty random, let me know, does you’re school do anything for Valentine’s Day? Is it lame or is it fun??


January 29, 2013. Uncategorized.

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