“Never felt like this before, are we friends or are we more? As I’m walking towards the door, I’m, not, sure..” Change My Mind: One Direction

I want to start with a question.. Have you ever thought something really good was happening and then it turns around to be something different? I experienced this last night. I was at a sweet 16 party, and the whole night was overall amazing. It was such a fun night.

And without getting into every little detail (because if I did that I could make reading this take hours) I was having an amazing time hanging out with, well I guess I’ve referred to him as B in the past posts. Usually he teases me constantly and doesn’t seem too interested in what I was saying, but lately that’s changed for the better. So at the party we were hanging out a ton, and talking and laughing and it all seemed great, like some switch had changed and in a positive way. 

Then he asked one of my best friends to dance. And I said something about how we should dance before, and then he asked her because he didn’t hear me. He told me ‘there’ll be other songs’. What’s that supposed to mean? Did you want to dance with me then and were too nervous so you’ll ask on a different song? Or were you saying that to avoid the situation. Another slow song never came on.

I’m not one of those people to be mad at it, but confused? Absolutely. Either I was totally off on how things were going, or as my other friends said maybe he was just to shy to ask…but then why did he ask her? I started to think then that maybe he was hanging out so he could hang out with her and I was just there. And then after more of those good, different moments happened again. 

I guess what I’ve gotten out of this is that I think too much.


January 7, 2013. Uncategorized.

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