That Did Not Just Happen.

“Say somethin, if you’re feeling the vibe, say somethin, baby don’t be so shy” Say Somethin: Austin Mahone

I cannot believe that just happened. So the ‘new guy’ I’ve been talking about just friended me on facebook, then messaged me. All good things. But seriously the conversation was so awkward and lasted for like 6 lines. Is that normal? Do first initial convos always end up awkward? I had no idea what to say, and that never happens for me! I always have so much to say, usually too much!

I feel embarrassed almost. Which is kind of funny because I mean he could’ve kept it going, but nah, it just ended. This is so awkward. I can have a conversation with anyone…except now. Why the heck is that?? It’s not that I haven’t been in conversations that have just ended like that before, sadly I have. But they’ve usually been with a good friend or something. Maybe that’s it? Because I’m still getting to know him? But wow like I said…awkward.Ā 

And then here comes my nightmare, I texted my friend whose friends with him too saying something like ‘hey guess who I’m talking to’ and now my brain is playing a fun game called ‘worst case scenario’ and thinking ‘what if he’s there and was holding her phone and saw that?! Oh my gosh tomorrow we have a double block too together and I sit next to him…tomorrow should be interesting.Ā 


December 5, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. mira replied:

    don’t think worst case scenarios! It’ll stress you out so much.

  2. mira replied:

    well thats good then šŸ™‚ By the way i really like your blog šŸ™‚

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