Start of Something New

“Now you know, I’ve been crazy for you all this time, I’ve kept it close, always hoping, with a heart on fire” Heart On Fire: Jonathan Clay

So, I tend to talk a lot..and turns out some of my friends know about this now, which although they know most of this is kind of awkward.. so if you guys are reading this then…yeah, awkward.

Anyways I have been spending the last couple of nights in my room, listening to music, and reading articles online with titles like “10 ways to get your crush to ask you out”. Which sounds desperate, it’s not, it’s informative. Obviously since I run a blog with a title like this one I could use the information. What I’ve realized though, is that I’ve read most of these articles and could recite knowing the information is not an issue, it must be the application part that I have some issues with..hmm..

That’s why I’ve really been enjoying what’s happening with this new guy, well nothings really happening..but I love the fact that everything is new. I don’t know much about him, or him about me, it’s like a fresh new start, and it feels awesome. 

I often wonder if anyone else relates to these posts, or if they’re just my own pointless stories..leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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“I Swear He Loves You..”

“If you don’t want to take it slow, and you just want to take me home..yeah, yeah, yeah..and let me kiss you” Kiss You: One Direction

If anyone’s read my bio, then you know I’m a HUUUGE one direction fan. So to begin with I’m already ecstatic because I’ve heard the new cd and so it’s been a good week so far…Anyways, interesting things happening on the single front. My good friend is convinced that her friend is ‘in love with me’ as she said today. This is aye-ok with me if I’m being honest. I don’t totally know him yet but I sit next to him in class and we talk a lot more now and he seems really cool so..good.

She was telling me a story yesterday how she saw him over the weekend and in front of all his friends plain out asked him if he liked me. What you have to understand is that this is total normal for her..I actually knew that this would happen, I just didn’t think it would happen this quickly. It’s been like two weeks…I don’t want anything to rush because it was progressing nicely as it was. I’m not mad though, I think it’s actually pretty funny because I’m just going with the flow with this thing. The poor kid was probably really embarrassed…at least I wasn’t there.

There are so many stories I could get into with this thing, but there’s the one for the night. We’ll see where it goes..if anywhere. Now excuse me I’m going to go listen to the new 1D cd for the hundredth shame ❤

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