Like We’re Made of Starlight

“This hope is treacherous, this daydream is dangerous, this hope is treacherous, I, I, I… I like it..” Treacherous, Taylor Swift 

I’ve decided it’s time for a fresh start! First of all a fresh start here. I don’t know if anyone’s going to notice but I changed the look of the page to symbolize a new beginning I just didn’t like the old one. I’m seriously considering deleting some old posts because re-reading them they are way more dramatic than necessary..but then I say that that’s how I felt at the time so I think I’ll keep them. Also from now on I’m going to be posting more often! If anyone wanted to tell their friends about this blog too then I wouldn’t mind… 🙂

Another fresh start I decided to embark on last night. Last night was our homecoming dance and it was seriously one of the best dances I’ve been to in a long time. It made me realize something pretty big. It’s time to get over last year. It’s time to stop thinking about the two who have been the center points of the previous posts. We’ll be friends and that’s it, because I’m done putting energy into something that isn’t going to happen. Since I’ve realized this I’ve been feeling pretty amazing I won’t lie. Another thing I learned last night is that it’s good to go out and talk to other people and become friends with them. It opens a lot of new opportunities.

So to finish it off, I’m moving on and posting more. I created this blog to follow my adventures through being a single teenager into hopefully something more..although there’s a good chance that won’t happen soon..but I guess you never know!


October 28, 2012. Uncategorized.

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