How Hard is ‘Hey’?

“It’s when you walk right by that I try for recognition, but I’m looking like a fool, you’re making single my position.” Crush on You, Peyton Sanders ft. Austin Mahone 

Hi. Hey. What’s up. Simple words that tend to require a great deal of thought.These thoughts can come from multiple people I’ve realized. They can come from the one that says them. That person could be thinking “should I say it to him/her? How will they respond?” or the person they’re said to, “why are they talking to me? Do they mean anything more by that?”. Most people probably wouldn’t do this, but I tend to be a person who over thinks things..a lot.

Anyway, here comes another story involving A and B. (if you’re unaware of what that means, re-read my post ‘BGF or BF?’) A few weeks ago I was in the car with one of them on my way to sports practice with his sister who is on my team. I jumped in the car when they picked me up and gave the usual greeting of ‘hey’. It was a a while since I had seen them so it was a pretty good day. The drive was about 15/20 minutes to the field and in that time he did not say one word to me, not.a.single.word. Maybe that’s not unusual, but after hanging out all during school I expected at least a simple ‘hey’ which I did not receive. Not to mention it was very uncharacteristic considering he took every opportunity given to make fun of me. Strange.

Also a few weeks ago my cousin encouraged me to text A just saying that we haven’t talked in a while and how was his summer going? A perfectly acceptable text. A text I’m still waiting to get the response from. Sure he isn’t the best with his phone but I’ve always gotten a reply and we’ve talked often. I miss talking with him and would be happy with a simple ‘hey’.

I read a quote that said, “Guys have no idea how long something they say can stay in a girls mind’ but sometimes it isn’t just what they said but what was unsaid that also stays.


July 27, 2012. Uncategorized.


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