I’ll Learn to Take the Good with The Bad

What teenager has a blog inspired by a classic ’50s song? The same one that has never had a boyfriend, or even gone on a simple date. In other words, me. My life consists of many other aspects, school, friends, family, sports, and all categories are full and successful.. The only one that is lacking is the one that’s supposed to pick up around this age, my love life. That aspect of my life is non-existent, or so I tell anyone who asks.

I created this blog as a way to get a different perspective as to why my love life as been uneventful. Also to hear relateable stories from others and to hear their opinion. I aim to detail the events and hopeful progress in this area of my teenage life, and hopefully to express something that others can relate to.


July 24, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Edineusa replied:

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  2. crazynightmares replied:

    Maybe I can’t fully relate: But I guess some of us just have to wait for the right guy to come! It’s har though: Because you can’t set your standards too high or too low; and I know everyone says stuff like ‘The right guy is just around the corner’. If you’re lucky; the corner could be a month or two. For some of us, it’s a year 😦
    But we have to deal with it; girls don’t need a man to be happy, now do they?(;
    I’m here to talk: xoxo

    • Why Can't I Be a Teenager in Love replied:

      Exactly! It’s a pain to wait but I think worse to just settle on someone, which is unfair to both of them. And you’re right we don’t haha but it could be a plus 🙂 although I wouldn’t know yet lol

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  4. Why Can't I Be a Teenager in Love replied:

    Help with what? haha this subject is just things I’ve gone through but thank you

  5. Georgia Girl replied:

    Hey i’m new to this, and really need some followers. Btw I love your blog!

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